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Dholak Naal Pakhawaj

JAS makes dholak drums for every level e.g. for infants an intro drum, for ladies a lightweight drum to play in ladies sangeet, for musicians playing with bands and for legendry players recording Bollywood music or concerts.

All our dholaks are made from two to three year seasoned wood. The wood is treated with preservatives before the construction of the dholak. The dholak heads are made only from goat skins carefully processed in our own factory. We make a variety of dholak heads for the different models of dholaks. The various models of dholak were designed after seriously considering the requirements of the players, like the ladies Sangeet dholak is not only light in weight, the bass and treble give very smooth and sweet sound and require low pressure hand strokes. For the band musician’s dholak treble side produces sustained high pitch sound and the base produces deep base sound, concert or Bollywood dholak can be tuned to any precise recording pitch and also stays in tune for a long time.

We guarantee our customers best satisfaction from our quality dholaks.

We also repair or restore any dholak professionally as all parts are readily available.

Dholak Nal Pakhawaj


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